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Subject Mon,Tha Yae Mon,music,culture,change,Bang Kra Dee,Bangkok
Author Chalomchai Klanrot
Title Tha Yae Mon: Musical culture of the Mon at Wat Bang Kra Dee Community
Document Type Thesis Original Language of Text Thai
Ethnic Identity - Language and Linguistic Affiliations Austroasiatic
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Sirindhorn Anthropology Center Library Total Pages 272 Year 1998
Source Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University

Tha Yae Mon is an improvised verse play with musical accompaniment. The play has two versions: conventional and modern. The conventional type uses archaic Mon and Pali words, which makes it difficult for the young generation to understand. Therefore, the number of players is dwindling and a number of conventional songs have disappeared. Presently, the play can be hired to perform and verses with modern Mon and Thai words have been incorporated. The musical accompaniment is played in low pitch with short rhythms and repetition of the melody when verses are changed. The music is similar to a Thai string ensemble and various Thai classical songs have been borrowed. The play has an important role in the community by providing entertainment and socialization through implicit teaching on morality, traditions and courting. Nonetheless, the development of the play still has no clear-cut directions. If the development and preservation are not conducted concretely, the play might face its demise in the near future.

Text Analyst Suphanika Iamsaensuk Date of Report Jun 30, 2017
TAG Mon, Tha Yae Mon, music, culture, change, Bang Kra Dee, Bangkok,