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‘Monmai’ is a pillow that the elderly used during the observation religious precepts inside the temple on Buddhist holy day....

Kra Buay

‘Kra Buay’ is a water dipper made of coconut shell with wooden handle....

Tao Reet Pha

Iron made of iron molded into cup-like shape, flat bottom, lid on the top and wooden handle...


‘Cha-nang’ is a fish catching tool for fish or shrimp in the river. There are three sizes of Chanang, small, medium and large....

Kra Chang

‘Kra Chang’ is a floating basket for keeping aquatic animal such as fish or shrimp in water....

Khong Pet

‘Khong’ is a container for caught fish. It’s made in various designs depend on the usage....


Krob is a pierce for catching freshwater fish. It’s shape like harpoon but bigger...

Bet Tok Kung

‘Bet Tok Kung’ is a rod for catching shrimps in the river....