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Fishing tools can be found in every household in Thailand. Northeastern Thai men are trained to weave fish casting net and used it for catching fish since they were young before they get married....


The farmers usually dig holes to trap the fish before they reach the bigger water sources outside the rice field. Lum or hole is the final solution to trap the fish during the harvest....


Jun is a fish trap without the bait that used in shallow water. Generally, this trap gets the big fish that trapped by the mechanism inside....

Khreuang Heap Aoi

Khreuang Heap Aoi or Sugarcane Juicer is a tool that crushes sugarcane’s stalk to get its juice....


Yo is a fish trap with small hole net fabric used for catching small fish such as Siamese mud carp, minnow, gourami, fingerling and shrimp....


Tang or wickerwork chair is an appliance for sitting. It is easy to carry around and made in various types like sitting chair or sleeping chair....

Phat Bai Lan

Phat Bai Lan or palm leaves hand fan has various types, but in general people often made or weaved with Bai Lan or fan palm leaves with a handle....

Krok Mai

Krok Mai or wooden mortar is called in various names such as, Krok Sommeu, Krok Tamkhao....