Mai Ti Mo


The pottery forming equipment is the set of tools used for shaping pottery without using a banding wheel. The equipment consists of 3 tools: ‘Hin Du’, ‘Mai Ti’ and ‘Look Kling Salak Lai’.
 ‘Hin Du’ is a ware shaping tool made of strong and durable baked clay shaped like button mushroom with smooth front surface. Originally, Hin Du is made of real stone (Hin’ in Thai means ‘stone’ or ‘rock’). This tool use for poking, pushing or supporting the shape of the ware from the inside while hitting from outside to get the aimed shape and thickness. In northern Thailand ‘Hin Du’ is called ‘Hin Tho Mo’ and in the south call it ‘Look Theu’ or ‘Look Tung’.
‘Mai Ti’ made of various size of flat hardwood with a handle used for hitting the outer surface shaping and pushing the clay firmly. It is used together with ‘Hin Du’. There are two designs of ‘Mai Ti’, plain and with patterns depend on the usage, the plain ones for making smooth surface ware and ones with designs for making the ware with pattern surface. Some are scooped out to create a curve and use for shaping the round base of the ware. ‘Mai Ti’ also called by other names, such as ‘Mai Kratam’, ‘Kratam’, ‘Mai Lai’, ‘Mai Lad Lai’, ‘Mai Pim’, ‘Mai Tam’ and ‘Mai La’.
 ‘Look Kling Salak Lai’ made of small round hardwood log about 2-3 inches long with a hole through the core like a roller. It is used for making pattern on the surface like ‘Mai Ti’, but it makes smoother and more continue design and can create patterns around the rim.

 Forming pottery by hitting with the wooden stick is an original pottery molding passed on through generations of Thai Korat ethnic group. Thai Korat ethnic group moved around the northeastern area and exchange their culture with other local groups, therefore this form of shaping pottery is found in various area, for example, Burirum province, Maha Sarakham province, Sisaket province and Roi Et province.
Apart from making pottery for everyday use, nowadays, this form of pottery shaping becomes folk wisdom and cultural inheritance activity to increase income for locals and support tourist industry.