'Nangsatik' or slingshot is well-known hunting tool. It is one of the first hunting tool that kids learn and practice. The boys in rural area have their own to shoot at anything they want, especially bird and lizard. The boys can make it easily by themselves by choosing a Y shape perfect size hardwood branch and scrape the bark out. Chip off the end of both prong in knot shape, tie 30 cm long elastic band or elastic sheet to the knot on both prong tightly and insert the elastic through the holes on 3x7 cm size leather sheet.

'Nangsatik' is the name call the weapon made of Y-shape wooden stick, elastic and leather sheet used with perfect size stone bullet that can place on the leather sheet and easy to hold. The bullet can also made of clay mold into balls and dry in the sun. There were saying that 'if a boy can't swim, can't shoot Nangsatik accurately isn't a truly Isan's son.’ This saying represent the folk boy's way of life that must learn how to live and know how to take adventure.

 During the summer holiday around March to May, the elementary and junior high school kids will gather and split into 4-5 people groups. They will carry Nangsatik and bullet in their bag go for shooting bird, lizard to make 'Lab' (Thai style spicy salad) or roast. For the tree lizard, toast, peel its skin off, then rip the meat. Slice shallot, cut sour mango, add chili powder, roasted rice, fish sauce, seasoning powder and mix together. As for the children with poor skill, they will gather with same age kids to practice around the village. Sometimes they will shoot at the fixed target or mangos on the tree and the bullets will fall to the house's wall or roof. Not only this bring them joy but also create the challenge. The kids gathering with their slingshot isn't forbidden by their parent because they consider it safe and they have done this when they were young too.

 'Nangsatik' or slingshot isn't only the hunting tool for kids, the adults that go into the field to feed their cow and buffalo also bring it with them to shoot bird, snakes, frogs while they are on the field. It is also used to control cow and buffalo's direction or block them for going into neighbor's garden. Nangsatik is a common tool that everyone carries with them when they go out.