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                                            NOTES AND QUERIES.


                                 The Hill Tribes of Northern Sum.



       According   to   the   American   Bible   Society's forty-first  annual
report of the Siam  and  Laos  Agency  for  the  year  1931, there  are
about 3000 Miao or Mæo and an equal  number  of  the  related  Yao
living  in  Siamese  territory, i.e., within  the  confines of  the  Circle of
Phayap.  Further   an  Annamite  Christian, Mr.  Trung, in  the  service
of the Bible Agency, has succeeded in translating  the  gospel  of  St.
Mark, into the languages of the Mæo and Yao.

       In   view   of   this   information   being  both  of  ethnological  and
philological interest for the  study  of  these  remote  living  mountain
tribes,it will be recalled that small monographs in the form of replies
to the Siam Society's  Questionnaire, treating  the life, manners  and
languages of the Mæo and Yao, have  been  published  in  Siamese
(with   English   translations)  in   the   Journal  of   the  Siam  Society,
respectively in Volume XVIII, Part 3, and Volume XIX, Part 2.

       In this connection the following passage culled  from  the  above
mentioned   report, of   which   Reverend   Robert  Irwin, D. D., is  the
author, may also be of interest :—

       "To  bring  the  gospel  to  the  multitude  of  mountain   tribes   of
South-Eastern Asia, we need an expert linguist and extraordinary  all-
round   man   to   make  a  survey  of  them. We  estimate  it  will  take
about ten years and cost of $2500 gold a year. Such a  survey  would
give definite information about the  tribes (the  number  of  which  the
Doctor estimates at fifty-four) and  their  relations  to  one  another  in
language, religious ideas  and   customs  and  make  possible  their
grouping together into a few groups  and  make  mission  work  intel-
ligent and economical."


                                                                                              Erik Seidenfaden


Bangkok, 1st February 1932.

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