A Fleeting encounter with the Moken (The Sea Gypsies) in southern Thailand.

A Journey along a part of the Siam-Burma Frontier.

A Journey through an unfrequented Part of Ayudhya District.

A Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) Prayer at Childbirth.

A Lisu Shamanistic seance1

A Model for.the Alignment of Dialects in Southwestern Tai.

A Note on the Literature on the Lahu Shehleh and Lahu Na of Northern Thailand1

A Propos des Origines et de l'Histoire Ancienne dn Siam.

A Short Account of the Ahom People.

account of the ceremonies and rites performed when catching the pla buk (ปลาบึก) a species of catfish inhabiting the waters of the river me khong (แม่โขง) the northern and eastern frontier of siam, An

account of the Hunting of the Wild OX on Horse Back in the Provinces of UBOL Rajadhaniand Kalasindhu, and the Rites and Ceremonies which have to be Observed, An

Adversaria of Elephant Hunting

Amusements During Songkran Festival.

An account of the rites and ceremonies observed at elephant driving operations in the sea-board province of lang suan, southern siam.

An Ancient Chinese Blood test for Proving Parentage.

An Excursion to Lophburi

An Excursion to Phimai

Annual non-buddhist religious observances of Mae Hong Son Shan

Anthropological and Ethnological Research work in Siam.

Are Certain Indian Rites Of Melanesian Origin ?

Bathing Ceremony.

Blessing Feasts and Ancestor Propitiation Among the Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu)

Cahiers De L'Ecole Fran, Caise D'EXTRÊME-Orient.

Ethnic Groups of Northern Southeast Asia

Ethnologic Notes.

Expedition to the ' Khon Pa' (Or Phi Tong Luang ? )

Frontiers within frontiers.

Further note on the Phi Tong Lu'ang.

Further Notes about the Chaubun, Etc.

Hill Routes Between Pitsanuloke and Lomsak*

Historical Sketch of Lophburi.

Immigration of the Mons into Siam.

Impressions of Doi Fulanka and the Miaos' New Year.

Islamic reformism in Thailand.

Journey of MGR. Lambert, Bishop of Beritus, from Tenasserim to Siam in 1652.

Kingship in Siam.

Kinship terms of the Black Tai people.

Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-I

Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-II

Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) New Year Texts-III

Lahu trade and commerce.

Le Systeme De La Famille Yao

Legends and Folklore of Northern Siam.

Lisu Settlement patterns.

Loose structure : Fact or Fancy ?

Lopburi Past and Present.

Men of the sea : Coastal Tribes of South Thailand's west coast.

Menace and reassurance in Malay Circumcision.

MYTH, Legend And History in the Northern Thai Chronicles.

Note a description of the Mrabri Camp.

Notes Laotiennes.

Notes and Queries.

Notes and Queries. I The Blow-Pipe in North-Eastern Siam.

Notes on a Trip from Prachuap (KAW lAK) to Merguil

Notes on Kraisri's and BernatzikI's word lists.

Notes The Early SYÂM in Burmas History.

Observations on the movement of KHMU? into North Thailand1

Recent Archeological Research Work in Siam.

Reflections on Band Akha Mae Salong.

Regarding the Customs, Manners, Economics and Languages of the KHÂ (SO) and Phuthai Living in Ampho' Kutchinara1 ( กุฉินารายน์ ), Changvat Kalasindhu, Monthon Roiet.

Religious Institutional Diversity-Social Structural and Conceptual Unity

Review article.

Second Expedition to the Mrabri (“KHON PA”) of North Thailand.

Siam's Tribal Dresses1

Some Gleanings of Manners and Customs of the Chinese People as revealed in Historical Narratives and Novels.

Some Hill Tribes of North Thailand ( Miaos and Yaos)

Some information concerning the " Phi Tawng Luang " obtained from a few residents of a village in the Nam Wa district, east of Nan.

Some notes about the Chaubun.

Some Notes about the Karens in Siam.

Some Siamese Ghost-lore

Some Siamese superstitions about Trees and Plants.

Some social and Religious Institutions of the Lawa (N.W.—Thailand) Part I

Some socialand religious institutions of the LAWA (Northwestern Thailand) : Part III

Supernatural Beliefs and Practices in Chiengmai.

Thai Culture.

The "PHI" ( ผี )

The Age of King Rama I of The Chakri Dynasty.

The Akha swinging ceremony.

The Alliance of Anthropological and Sociological concepts and Methodologies in Field research in Thailand.

The Colonization of Primitive Peoples with special Consideration of the Problem of the Selung.

The Culture of the Tibetan Border Regiond1

The divisions of the Lahu people.

The Dress of the Pwo Karen of north Thailand.

The Early SYÂM in Burma's History a Supplement.

The Early SYÂM in Burma's History.

The History of the Thai in Yunnan.

The Hmong, Opium and the HAW.

The Kha Tong Lu'ang.

The Khalô or Mae Rim Lawa a Remnant of the Lawa Population of northern Thailand.

The Khwan and ITS Ceremonies.

The Koh Lak Tradition.

The Kui People of Cambodia and Siam.

The La Hu Nyî (Red La Hu) New-year Celebrations.

The Lawâ

The Lawa Guardian spirits of Chiengmai.

The Lawa in Northern Siam (1)

The lâwa of umphai and middle me ping.

The LAWÂ or Chaubun in Changvad Petchabun.

The Lisu concept of the Soul1

The Lu

The Mrabri : Anthropometric Genetic, and medical examinations.

The Mrabri Language

The Old Siamese Conception of the Monarchy.

The Political Expansion of the MAO SHANS*

The Races of Indochina.

The religion and beliefs or the Black Tai, and a note on the study of cultural origins.

The Saek language of Nakhon Phanom Province1

The so people of Kusuman, Northeastern Thailand.

The Southeast Asian Negrito

The Testimony of an Inhabitant of the city of AVA

The Water ThroWing

The white Meo.

The Yao

Two 'LAWÂ' Vocabularies.

Village mons or Bangkok

ชาติ แม้ว

ประวัติ ชนชาติ ลื้อ

ประวัติ ชนชาติ เย้า

เรื่อง ร่างกาย ธรรมเนียม ประเพณี การ เลี้ยงชีพ ทั้งภาษาชาวละวา หรือชาวบน ที่อาศรัยอยู่ จังหวัดเพ็ชร์บูรณ์

เรื่อง ร่างกาย ธรรมเนียม ประเพณี การเลี้ยงชีพ ทั้งภาษาชาวยางแดง

“The Negrito of Peninsular Thailand”




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