Wat Don Khanak

Wat Don Khanak Temple is located in an upland where there in a forest of Khanak trees. People who live there call the area by the traditional way of their preservation of the forest, “Don Khanak”. Later, a Buddhist abbey was founded in 1907 on lands donated, 12,800 square meters by Mr.Lai Yusiri and 7,740 square meters by Mr.Yok Kimpetch, totally 20,240 square meters. Afterwards, Mr.Phut, Ms.Auam, Mr.Nak, and Mr.But together built two traditional style Thai monastic residence, or monks’ cells. They invited five Buddhist monks from Wat Phai Lom Temple, Nakhon Pathom, to stay there. Phra Arjarn Chah was the first acting abbot of the abbey, and there were later many changes in the position. During the time of the Abbot Phra Athikan Angsuthatto, in 1956 the edifice was renovated and was greatly enhanced.
There are five manuscripts from Wat Don Khanak Temple in the database, which are:
NPT002-001 Phra Malai,
NPT002-002 Cancer tumor text,
NPT002-003 Astrology text,
NPT002-004 Teachings for Buddhist novice,
NPT002-005 Yor Phra Klin/ Manee Phichai

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