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Lecture 10 : Promoting Community Participation in Museum Activities

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Lecturer : Dr. Christina Kreps   
Date published: Thursday, 16 February 2012 13:37
Date modified: Tuesday, 12 June 2012 12:48

Lecturer: Dr. Christina Kreps

Director of Museum Studies and Director of the DU Museum of Anthropology, Denver University

In this lecture, Dr. Christina Kreps talks about the importance of the participatory approach for developing sustainable museums which are relevant to their communities. Kreps begins by asking the following questions: What do we mean by participation and collaboration? Why is it important? What are the benefits? How do we make our work participatory and collaborative?

Kreps then discusses several case studies to illustrate the collaborative and participatory approach: (1) The Mentarang People's Museum Development Program (2) the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology's (VME) “ToiBao Cap: Subsidized Times. Everyday Life and Post War Rationing (1975-1986) exhibit and (3) the Museum Pusaka Nias and vernacular house-building project. 

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