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  • In addition to the classroom sessions, participants formed four working groups to take part in an on-site practicum with four museums in Lamphun: Hariphunchai State Museum, Urban Lamphun Community Museum, Pratupa Monastery and Ton Kaew Monastery.

    The practicum component gave participants the opportunity to apply their newly gained concepts and approaches from lecture sessions to ICH management, and included the following activities: (1) assessment of the role of museum in the community and stakeholder analysis (including an assessment of networks and linkages between the museum and other community institutions (school, state agencies, etc.); (2) participatory inventory and identification of intangible cultural heritage; (3) research and documentation of a selected element of ICH; (4) assessing cultural rights issues pertaining to selected element of ICH; (5) participatory development of a plan for transmitting, revitalizing and enhancing the selected element of ICH via the museum.

    At the conclusion of the on-site program, each working group presented their plan highlighting one aspect of intangible heritage, reported on lessons learned and gave recommendations for the enhancement of ICH activities in participating museums.


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