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  •   Background and Rationale

    To develop the ethnic groups database where systematized research data are available online and can be made use of by interested parties or individuals, following the subjects or topics of their interests, and thus making it easier for them to sum up the essential points necessary for further in-depth studies. 

    S'gaw youth at Mowakee Chaingmai

    Less savings. Much to share.

    S'gaw's proverb
    Mowakee Chaingmai

    Salak Yom Festival
    Pratupha Temple

    Sea as Home of Urak Lawoi, Moken, Moklen

    Rawai beach Phuket Thailand


    Computer class of S'gaw students
    Mae La Noi , Maehongson

    Khaw Rai (Rice)
    produced from rotational farming
    Li Wo, Kanchanaburi


    S'gaw woman at Hin Lad Nai village

    Fermented Beans

    Important ingredient of Tai


    Phlong(Pwo) woman

    Li Wo village

    Boon Khaw Mai rite

    Phlong at Li Wo


    Little Prince of Tai

    Ordination in Summer of Tai boys


    Boys are ordained as novice monks

     Poi Sang Long is the tradition of the Tai. 

    Be novice monk to learn Buddhism


    Tai-art  mural painting of  Buddha 
    at Wat Chong Kam Chong Klang
    Maehongson Thailand

    Wat Chong-Kam, Chong Klang

    Hmong childs at Ban Kewkarn
  •   Smile

    Smile in problems
    Urak  Lawai at Rawai Phuket
  •   Hybrid




  Ethnic studies in thailand    

List of ethnic group research from year1970 to present (2022)


The study of ethnicity in the year1970 to (2022) Number 1269 List



  Author Title Source Year
101. Sunisa Sukin Black Lahu Dance: A case study at Dan Maelamao sub-district, Mae Sot district, Tak province M.A. Thesis, Performing Arts Program, Chulalongkorn University 2009
102. Sarinee Phasayawan Politics of ethnic image creation in tourism areas: A case study of a Lahu homestay at Yadu Village Chiang Mai University 2011
103. Sombat Bunkhamyueng Problems in defining forest and claims over land rights: A case study of the Lahu Chiang Mai University 1997
104. Lakayla Jathor A struggle for citizenship of ethnic women: A real-life case study of a Lahu woman Chiang Mai University 2005
105. Lalita Jaratkorn Lahu architecture and change in the Upper Northern Region Chiang Mai University 2014
106. Thanya Phromburom & Wisuthorn Jitaree A feasibility study in developing local handicraft and marketing in areas under the Royal Project: A case study of Lahu textiles Institute of Highland Research and Development 2007
107. Theeraphong Bunraksa & Chusak Suwimonsathian Management of community culture: Wisdom in strengthening the security of the elderly, a case of Lahu communities in Mae Ai district, Chiang Mai province Burapha Arts Journal 2016
108. Kanjana Chanhomsakul Satisfaction of the Red Lahu with the roles of their village head: A case study of Ja Bu Si village # 5 in Tambon Mae Salong Nok, Mae Fah Luang district, Chiang Rai province Naresuan University 2005
109. Kamonwan Wangmanee Local Thai food in the cultural dimension: A case study of Khao Puk of the Lahu and the Akha in Tambon Mae Fah Luang, Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai Province Chiang Rai Rajabhat University 2008
110. Maya McLean Dress and Tai Yai Identity in Thoed Thai, Northern Thailand Dress and Tai Yai Identity in Thoed Thai, Northern Thailand / Maya McLean. Studies in the material cultures of Southeast Asia ; -- no. 18 Bangkok : White Lotus, 2012 2012
111. Franco Amantea Dress,textiles,and identity of the black Tai of Loei province,Northeast Thailand Bangkok: White lotus Studies in the material cultures of Southeast Asia no. 13 2009
112. Wareerat Panthong Food consumption culture of the Vietnamese Thais in the Muang Municipality of Ubon Ratchathani Mahasarakham University 2000
113. Chanwit Kasetsiri & Ong Banjun (eds.) The Mon in Siam: Ethnicity, roles and lessons Humanities & Social Sciences Textbook Project Foundation 2008
114. Nungruthai Pha-or Gender, religion and social roles of Vietnamese female monks Mahasarakham University 2011
115. Umaporn Wongwisitsak The traditions and rituals of the “canal people” in Samut Songkhram Province in the Central Region of Thailand Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University 2004
116. Suwatchai Sawadiphon Social capital and management of a learning center: A case study of the Mon Community Museum at Bang Kradi in Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok Thammasat University 2009
117. Saisunee Khaopluem The Peguan Spirit Dance Song of the Mon in Pathum Thani province M.A. Thesis, Anthromusicology Program, Srinakharinwirote University 2000
118. Somkiat Darayen The conservation of traditional Mon Macabre Dance of Mon Community, Nakhonchum Subdistrict, Banpong District, Ratchaburi Province M.A. Thesis, College of Local Administration, Khon Kaen University 2011
119. saranya Boonlapo A study of Plaeng Mon Rum of Amphur Phrapradang Changwat Samutprakran M.A. Thesis, Anthromusicology Program, Sri Nakharinwirote University 2005
120. Watchara Choosit Enculturation of ancestral spirit worship of Mon (Raman): A case study of the Mon at Khong Kha Nuea Community, Moo 3, Khlong Ta Khot sub-district, Photahram district, Ratchaburi province M.A. Thesis, Rural Studies and Development, Faculty of Graduate Volunteer Centre, Thammasat University 2008



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