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  •   Background and Rationale

    To develop the ethnic groups database where systematized research data are available online and can be made use of by interested parties or individuals, following the subjects or topics of their interests, and thus making it easier for them to sum up the essential points necessary for further in-depth studies. 

    S'gaw youth at Mowakee Chaingmai

    Less savings. Much to share.

    S'gaw's proverb
    Mowakee Chaingmai

    Salak Yom Festival
    Pratupha Temple

    Sea as Home of Urak Lawoi, Moken, Moklen

    Rawai beach Phuket Thailand


    Computer class of S'gaw students
    Mae La Noi , Maehongson

    Khaw Rai (Rice)
    produced from rotational farming
    Li Wo, Kanchanaburi


    S'gaw woman at Hin Lad Nai village

    Fermented Beans

    Important ingredient of Tai


    Phlong(Pwo) woman

    Li Wo village

    Boon Khaw Mai rite

    Phlong at Li Wo


    Little Prince of Tai

    Ordination in Summer of Tai boys


    Boys are ordained as novice monks

     Poi Sang Long is the tradition of the Tai. 

    Be novice monk to learn Buddhism


    Tai-art  mural painting of  Buddha 
    at Wat Chong Kam Chong Klang
    Maehongson Thailand

    Wat Chong-Kam, Chong Klang

    Hmong childs at Ban Kewkarn
  •   Smile

    Smile in problems
    Urak  Lawai at Rawai Phuket
  •   Hybrid




  Ethnic studies in thailand    

List of ethnic group research from year1970 to present (2022)


The study of ethnicity in the year1970 to (2022) Number 1269 List



  Author Title Source Year
61. Urai Yangcheepsutjarit Contesting social memories in a Hmong community at Doi Yao-Doi Phamon M.A. Thesis in Ethnic Relations and Development, Chiang Mai University 2015
62. Thitinadda jinajan Ethnic groups in Lanna folktales A research project from the Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University 2015
63. Choenkhwan Phuchong Communication for adaptation and identity presentation of Sakais indigenous immigrating to town community M.A. Thesis in Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University 2005
64. Kevin T. Conlon Ethnic Violence in Southern Thailand: The Anomaly of Satun - 2012
65. Komatra Chuengsatiansup Living on the Edge: Marginality and Contestation in the Kui Communities of Northeast Thailand - 1998
66. Nirunrak Pathan Food in Ban Haw Market: Border transgression of ethnic and religious identities M.A. Thesis in Social Development, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University 2015
67. Chananchida Sirijantho Roles of the Tai tribal people in Vietnam in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu (1946-1954) M.A. Thesis in Asian History, Srinakharinwirote University 2007
68. Isaraporn Phathanawan The Process of Cultural and Social Changes of Tai Khuen in Nantharam Community, Haiya Subdistrict, Mueng District, Chiang Mai Province M.A. Thesis in Regional Studies, Chiang Mai University 2009
69. Darunee Sigpongpai Inclusion and exclusion in the transition process to commercialization: A case study of Pga K’nyau ethnic community at Huay Hom village, Mae Hong Son province M.A. Thesis, Ethnic Relations and Development Program, Chiang Mai university 2016
70. Jiraporn Atchariyaprasit Shan royal ladies in narratives by contemporary women writers: A study of women’ roles in public and private spheres M.A. Thesis, Comparative Literature Program, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Chulalongkorn University 2004
71. Withaya Wongchantha Constructing “Laoness” in Thai contemporary works and films M.A. Thesis, Comparative Literature Program, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Chulalongkorn University 2012
72. Suraphan Suwanari Peaceful life setting in a society: A study of guidelines for the integrating of Buddhist and Christian doctrines in northeastern Thailand Doctor of Philosophy Program in Cultural Science, Mahasarakham University 2009
73. Renu Muanchanchoey Cultural capital for Thai Song Dam’s development in Nakhon Pathom province Ph.D. Dissertation, Development Studies Program, Silapakorn University 2014
74. Anusorn Unno Once born, one must pay personal respect to Muang Nakhon Pagoda Center for ASEAN Studies, Chiang Mai University 2517
75. Lamphong Khanthaleewan Representations of women in magazines of Lao People’s Democratic Republic from 2002 to 2007 M.A. Thesis, Women Studies Program, Chiang Mai University 2008
76. Bandit Kraiwit Encountering with the Pow Karen ethnic group’s representation in Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary Ph.D. Thesis, Integrated Science, Thammasat University 2016
77. Kiattisak Bangperng Contemporary “Bru” in the Thailand-Lao Borderlands: Their Culture Life and Adaptation - 2015
78. Paiboon Hengsuwn In-between lives: Negotiating Bordered Terrains of Development and Resource Management along Salween River Paiboon Hengsuwn. In-between lives: Negotiating Bordered Terrains of Development and Resource Management along Salween River. Research Report. The Graduate School in Social Science Department, Chiangmai University. 2012. 2012
79. Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir, Alexius A. Pereira and Bryan S. Turner. Muslims in Singapore: piety, politics and policies Muslims in Singapore: piety, politics and policies / Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir, Alexius A. Pereira and Bryan S. Turner. London; New York: Routledge. 2010
80. Kahn, Joel S. Other Malays: nationalism and cosmopolitanism in the modern Malay world - 2006



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