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  •   Background and Rationale

    To develop the ethnic groups database where systematized research data are available online and can be made use of by interested parties or individuals, following the subjects or topics of their interests, and thus making it easier for them to sum up the essential points necessary for further in-depth studies. 

    S'gaw youth at Mowakee Chaingmai

    Less savings. Much to share.

    S'gaw's proverb
    Mowakee Chaingmai

    Salak Yom Festival
    Pratupha Temple

    Sea as Home of Urak Lawoi, Moken, Moklen

    Rawai beach Phuket Thailand


    Computer class of S'gaw students
    Mae La Noi , Maehongson

    Khaw Rai (Rice)
    produced from rotational farming
    Li Wo, Kanchanaburi


    S'gaw woman at Hin Lad Nai village

    Fermented Beans

    Important ingredient of Tai


    Phlong(Pwo) woman

    Li Wo village

    Boon Khaw Mai rite

    Phlong at Li Wo


    Little Prince of Tai

    Ordination in Summer of Tai boys


    Boys are ordained as novice monks

     Poi Sang Long is the tradition of the Tai. 

    Be novice monk to learn Buddhism


    Tai-art  mural painting of  Buddha 
    at Wat Chong Kam Chong Klang
    Maehongson Thailand

    Wat Chong-Kam, Chong Klang

    Hmong childs at Ban Kewkarn
  •   Smile

    Smile in problems
    Urak  Lawai at Rawai Phuket
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  Ethnic studies in thailand    

List of ethnic group research from year1970 to present (2023)


The study of ethnicity in the year1970 to (2023) Number 1288 List



  Author Title Source Year
601. Naimah Niha The Communication Patterns and the Acceptance of Muslim Women in Management For Islamic Co-operation at Sungai-Pane Village, Muang District, Pattani Province Master degree of Arts, Development Communications, Public Relations, Graduate School of Chulalongkorn University 1998
602. Khamnuan Wibulphan Participation of Muslim Thais in the selection of their religious activity leaders: A case of the selection of the Islamic Spiritual Leaders Master's Program in Political Science, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University 2001
603. Chaiwat Direkwathana The impact of the operation of the Thai-German Highland Development Program on hilltribe communities: A case study of Namlang Basin, Pang Ma Pha Sub-district, Mae Hong Son Province Department of Politics and Government, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Chiang Mai University 1995
604. Chonlada Montreevat The Social Construction of Gender and Morality in a Lahu Community: Case Studies on Lahu Women Master degree of Arts in Social development. Graduate School of Chiang Mai University 1998
605. Suwanee Saphibunphon Ecotourism and change of Pga K’nyau (Karen) communities at Mae Klang Luang and Ang Ka Noi Villages, Doi Inthanon National Park Master of Arts Program in Man and Environment Management, Chiang Mai University 2001
606. Seksan Phromphitak Needs and satisfaction with Thai Muslim radio broadcast of Muslim Thais in Bangkok Department of Mass Communication, Facultry of Graduate Studies, Chulalongkorn University 1998
607. Somsak Srisantisuk et al. A study on socio-cultural changes of the Phuan Community at Na Khun Noi Village in Vientiane Wall District, Lao PDR Office of National Cultural Commission, Ministry of Education 1999
608. Wisut Leksomboon The creation of meanings on kinship and family in Iw Mien (Yao) social networks under a commercial production practice and a patriarchal social system Chiang Mai University Library 2001
609. Panitha Ruenbanthoeng Communication strategies contributing to the formation of the development community of Kidi Khao Muslim Community at Wat Kanlaya Sub-district, Thonburi District, Bangkok Department of Communication Arts Development, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University 1999
610. Piyawan Winitchainan Local botany of the Karen in Chiang Mai M.A. Thesis (Forest Resource Management), Faculty of Graduate Studies, Kasetsart University 2002
611. Boonsong Tharnsrithong A participatory analysis on sustainability of the agricultural system in Mae Song Karen Community, Tambon Mae Song, Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province M.A. Thesis (Agricultural Extension), Faculty of Graduate Studies, Chiang Mai University 2001
612. Sumit Pitiphat and Samoechai Phunsuwan Lao Song: Dynamics of cultural system in two decades Office of the National Culture Commission 1997
613. Piyachart Horwathanakul Popular values of an ethnic group: A case study of the Mon in Bang Khunthian District, Bangkok Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University 1989
614. Wongduan Sukbang A study of the Rampha Khaosarn and Takbat Roi Phra Festivals in Muang District, Pathumthani Province Department of Cultural Promotion 2003
615. Waraporn Wanchaithanawong Factors influencing birth control practices of Hmong and Karen women M.A. Thesis (Fertility and Population Planning), Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University 1991
616. Sureeporn Rakyu A study of non-formal education management for Karen residents in Suan Phung District, Ratchaburi Province M.A. Thesis (Adult and Continued Education), Department of Non-Formal Education, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Silapakorn University 1999
617. Yodchai Waiyanet Factors affecting knowledge and opinions on state policies to solve land ownership problems of the Karen in Doi Pha Muang Wildlife Sanctuary, Lamphun Province M.A. Thesis (Forest Resource Management), Faculty of Graduate Studies, Kasetsart University 2003
618. Suchada Saisorn Attitudes of Lisu and Karen at Tambon Chaem Luang toward forest conservation Department of Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mae Jo University 1998
619. Phitak Inthiyos Problem of Hmong Refugees at Thamkrabok Temple and Its’ Impact on the Relationship Between Thailand and the Lao PDR Master of Arts, Regional Studies, Graduate School of Chiang Mai University 2003
620. Pourret, Jess G. The Yao ethnic group: Yao Mien and Yao Mun in China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand River Books Co., Ltd. 2002



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