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  •   Background and Rationale

    To develop the ethnic groups database where systematized research data are available online and can be made use of by interested parties or individuals, following the subjects or topics of their interests, and thus making it easier for them to sum up the essential points necessary for further in-depth studies. 

    S'gaw youth at Mowakee Chaingmai

    Less savings. Much to share.

    S'gaw's proverb
    Mowakee Chaingmai

    Salak Yom Festival
    Pratupha Temple

    Sea as Home of Urak Lawoi, Moken, Moklen

    Rawai beach Phuket Thailand


    Computer class of S'gaw students
    Mae La Noi , Maehongson

    Khaw Rai (Rice)
    produced from rotational farming
    Li Wo, Kanchanaburi


    S'gaw woman at Hin Lad Nai village

    Fermented Beans

    Important ingredient of Tai


    Phlong(Pwo) woman

    Li Wo village

    Boon Khaw Mai rite

    Phlong at Li Wo


    Little Prince of Tai

    Ordination in Summer of Tai boys


    Boys are ordained as novice monks

     Poi Sang Long is the tradition of the Tai. 

    Be novice monk to learn Buddhism


    Tai-art  mural painting of  Buddha 
    at Wat Chong Kam Chong Klang
    Maehongson Thailand

    Wat Chong-Kam, Chong Klang

    Hmong childs at Ban Kewkarn
  •   Smile

    Smile in problems
    Urak  Lawai at Rawai Phuket
  •   Hybrid




  Ethnic studies in thailand    

List of ethnic group research from year1970 to present (2023)


The study of ethnicity in the year1970 to (2023) Number 1288 List



  Author Title Source Year
581. Jonghathai Amonphathanakul Kwa Tang: An analytical ritual case study of Huay Mae Sai Yao Village, Muang District, Chiang Rai Province Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Thammasat University 1993
582. Chaweewan Wanaprasert, Phirayut Rahimmula and Manop Chitphusa Social assimilation-promoting traditions of Muslim and Buddhist Thais Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prince of Songkhla University, Patani Campus 1981
583. Namchai Upatham Roles of Phuthai matchmakers at Tambon Kham Cha-ee, Mukdahan Province Department of Thai Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahasarakham University 1995
584. Thedchai Iamlamnam Modernity and rituals of the Nyeu ethnic group: The case of Samrong Thao Village, Srisaket Province Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Chulalongkorn University 1999
585. Parinya Jaitherng Development of agricultural production models of Hmong people Department of Non-Formal Education, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Chiang Mai University 2001
586. Somkhuan Jaikrajang Factors affecting sexual behavior of Hmong adolescents Department of Health Promotion, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Chiang Mai University 1999
587. Wasu Khiawsa-art Cultural communications for community development between Thais and Mons: The case of Tambon Talad, Phra Pra Daeng District, Samut Prakan Province Department of Communication Arts Development, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Thurakij Bandit University 2003
588. Worawit Baru (Ahmad Idris) Tradition and Cultural Background of the Patani Region The Malay South (Patani) 1995
589. Harald Uhlig Southern Thailand and Its Border Provinces The Malay South (Patani) 1995
590. Schrock, Joann L. The Meo Minority Groups in Thailand, ARPA Research and Development Center, Thailand 1970
591. Kwanchewan Buadaeng Negotiating Religious Practices In A Changing Sgaw Karen Community In North Thailand A Thesis Submitted in Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Anthropology, University of Sydney 2001
592. Seksan Phromphitak Needs and satisfaction with Thai Muslim radio broadcast of Muslim Thais in Bangkok Department of Mass Communication, Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University 1998
593. Panadda Boonyasaranai and Miyum Chermue Akha: From mountains to city life The Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University 2004
594. Orawan Thapsakul Venerable Uttama: Cultural leader and socio-cultural changes of displaced Mons at Sangkhla Buri District Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Silapakorn University 2003
595. Vicky Bamforth , Steven Lanjouw and Graham Mortimer Conflict and Displacement in Karenni : The Need For Considered Responses Burma Ethnic Research Group 2000
596. Nancy Ashcraft At the Scent of Water Christian Literature Crusade, United States of America, 1986
597. Patricia V. Symond From Gender Past to Gender Future : Hmong Women Negotiating Gender Inequity in Northern Thailand 7th International Conference on Thai Studies, Amsterdam, 4-8 July 1999 1999
598. Claes Corlin The Politics of Cosmology : An Introduction to Millenarianism and Ethnicity among Highland Minorities of Northern Thailand Civility and Savagery, ed. Andrew Turton 2000
599. Raymond S. Kania and Siriphan Hatuwong Kania The So People of Kusuman, Northeastern Thailand Journal of the Siam Society, 67,1 (Jan. 1979) 1979
600. Praditporn Chirapanyalert The Attitude of Lisu Hill tribe towards Land Resettlement Project, Phophra District, Tak Province Master degree of Science (Agriculture) in Agriculture Extension. Graduate School of Chiang Mai University 1998



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