Lidapan Janpimansuk

Lidapan Janpimansuk has worked at the SAC since 2012, and she is the main researcher for the Special Cultural Zones project. She received her BA in Mass Communications from Chiang Mai University, and she also completed her MA in Women’s Studies at Chiang Mai University, where she wrote a thesis entitled, “The role of women in environmental political movements: a case study of a Pga K’nyau woman in the Northern Farmer’s Network.” Before joining the SAC, Lidapan had the chance to work with Karen communities in Northern Thailand as a volunteer with the Northern Development Foundation. She also worked as a Project Coordinator on the “Weaving New Lives with Andaman Women and Children” project in Phang Nga Province, and following that position, she was the Coordinator of Study Activities at the Catholic Commission for Ethnic Groups. Most recently, Lidapan worked on the “Recycle Paper for Trees” project at the Media Center for Development. Her research interests include ethnic groups with a focus on Karen people, natural resources and community rights, and processes of community activism.