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Dvaravati Silver Coin Inscription (Ban Khu Mueang)  
Name Dvaravati Silver Coin Inscription (Ban Khu Mueang)  (Thai version)
Script pallava
Date 12th Buddhist century
Language Sanskrit
Face/Line 1 face ; contains 2 lines of writing
Material silver
Form circle flat coin coin, the picture of the mother cow and her calf is on the front of the coin, and the inscription is on back
Size 1.70 cm. diameter
Found at Ancient Remains No. 19, Ban Khu Mueang, Huai Chan Locality, In Buri District, Sing Buri Province
Exhibited Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University
Description The inscription reads: ‘śrīdvāravatī śvarapuṇya’ or ‘King Śrī Dvāravatī who is fully meritorious.”, while on the reverse is a mother cow and her calf. Such features are similar to those of other silver coins found in many provinces which used to be under the Dvāravatī civilization, such as those in Nakhon Pathom, Suphan Buri, Lop Buri and so on.
Reference Edited by : The Inscriptions in Thailand Database Project Staffs (2552 B.E.), SAC, from :
1) Cha-em Kaeokhlai, “Sri Dvaravati,” Silpakorn 34, 2 (March-April 2534) : 58-68 (in Thai).
2) Duangduean Rungsaengchan and Uraisi Warasarin, “The inscription on silver coin (Ban Khu Mueang),” in The early ancient inscription found at Lop Buri Province and the vicinity (Bangkok : The Fine Arts Department, FAD, 2524), 48-50 (in Thai).
3) Duangduean Rungsaengchan and Uraisi Warasarin, “The silver coin inscription (Ban Khu Mueang),” in The Inscriptions in Thailand volume 1 : Pallava and Post-Pallava Script, 12th-14th Buddhist century (Bangkok : The National Library of Thailand, NLT, 2529), 126-128 (in Thai).
4) Phasuk Inthrawut, “3.3.2 Seals were used as a medium of commerce,” in Dvaravati : a critical study based on archaeological evidence (Bangkok : Akson Samai Press, 2542), 124-133 (in Thai).
5) Phasuk Inthrawut, “Report of excavations of Dvaravati ancient city at Sing Buri and Nakhon Pathom province,” Muang Boran journal 10, 4 (October-December 2527) : 32-33 (in Thai).
Illustrations Photograph from : Muang Boran journal 10, 4 (October-December 2527)
Face I

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