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Bronze Conch Shell Inscription (P.Ch. 22)  
Name Bronze Conch Shell Inscription (P.Ch. 22)  (Thai version)
Script Old Khmer
Date 12th Buddhist century
Language Khmer
Face/Line 1 face ; contains 1 line of writing
Material bronze
Form conch shell
Size 11 cm. width ; 9 cm. height ; 26 cm. thick
Found at Archaeological Site Number 11, Si Mahosot District (known as Si Maha Phot District in previous information), Prachin Buri Province
Exhibited Prachin Buri National Museum, Prachin Buri Province
Description The inscription is the record saying that this conch shell was offered by Vraḥ Vraloṅ.
Reference Edited by : The Inscriptions in Thailand Database Project Staffs (2555 B.E.), SAC, from :
1) Prasan Bunprakhong, “Transliteration of Old Khmer script, Khmer language on materials made from bronze, found at Archaeological Site Number 11, Mueang Phra Rot, Dong Si Maha Phot, Khok Pip Locality,” Silpakorn 10, 4 (November 2509) : 70-71 (in Thai).
2) Prasan Bunprakhong and Cham Thongkhamwan, “110th Plate, the inscription on material made from bronze,” in The collection of inscriptions in Thailand part 4 : the inscriptions found in the north, northeast, east, and central parts of Thailand which are inscribed in letters of the languages of Thai, Khmer, Mon and Pali – Sanskrit (Phra Nakhon : The Committee on the Publication of Historical Documents, Office of the Prime Minister, OPM, 2513), 142-143 (in Thai).
3) Prasan Bunprakhong and Cham Thongkhamwan, “The Bronze Conch Shell Inscription,” in The Inscriptions in Thailand volume 4 : Khom Script, 17th-18th Buddhist century (Bangkok : The National Library of Thailand, NLT, 2529), 137-139 (in Thai)
Illustrations Photograph from : Prachin Buri National Museum, Prachin Buri Province
Face I

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